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⏳ Wednesday Fix: Fuelling the Economy

⏳ Wednesday Fix: Fuelling the Economy

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The New York Times pulls out, Prince Andrew pays up, John Bercow doubles down, and Zelensky refuses to give in.

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More than two million people have now fled Ukraine in what RTÉ News described as "the biggest assault on a European country since World War II".

In the city of Sumy, at least 21 people were killed by Russian airstrikes overnight on Monday. The Guardian reported the casualties included two children. Later, about 5,000 people were able to flee the city.

The red pin drop shows where the city of Sumy is 

The Russian military announced there would be a ceasefire from 10am Ukraine time today (7am UK/Irish time) to allow civilians evacuate from a number of cities. As CNN reported, Ukrainian officials are skeptical about it.

On Tuesday, Poland offered to move all of its fighter jets - for free - to a US airbase in Germany. The US said thanks but no thanks, saying the offer "to fly into airspace that is contested with Russia over Ukraine" was not "tenable".

"The Polish incident has exposed cracks in the Nato alliance which the Biden administration has struggled to keep in lockstep in the face of the Russian invasion. Vice-president Kamala Harris is due to hold talks with the Polish government in Warsaw on Thursday where she will attempt to repair some of the diplomatic damage." - context from a really helpful Irish Times article on the matter


  • On Tuesday, the US announced a ban on imports of Russian oil, liquefied natural gas, and coal. President Biden said by targeting "the main artery of the Russian economy" the ban is "another powerful blow to Putin's war machine".
  • The UK announced they would be phasing out imports of Russian oil by the end of this year, and will also be considering a ban on natural gas. According to a Reuters report, about 4% of Britain's gas supply is imported from Russia.
  • In Ireland, media reports suggest the government is working on a plan to cut excise duties in an effort to tackle the rising costs of fuel. In a proposal expected to be effective from midnight, the cost of petrol and diesel could be reduced by 15 to 20 cent per litre.


McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Starbucks have all announced they have temporarily halted sales in Russia.

McDonalds shut its 850 restaurants, and Starbucks announced 100 coffee shops would close.

As BBC News noted, all three companies clarified they would continue to pay their staff during this period.


The New York Times has made the "extremely difficult" decision to pull its news journalists from Russia.  

Netflix has made the decision to air the extraordinary documentary on Ukraine in 2014 - Winter on Fire - in its entirety on Youtube, so non-Netflix account holders could watch it.


Below is a six-minute look at the refugee crisis and how it is being handled in Europe - particularly in the UK. It is so informative. To watch, either click here or 👇🏽


South Korea's presidential election takes place today.

The New York Times said it comes "after a campaign marred by scandals and mudslinging," The Guardian described it as a "rancorous election," and BBC News said misogyny was at the heart of it.

Many reports suggest the two frontrunners are in an extremely tight race, with many viewing it as "a contest between the unlikable".

Worth noting: The BBC article on misogyny in this election makes for a really fascinating read.

"South Korea has one of the worst women's rights records in the developed world. And yet it is disgruntled young men who have been the focus of this country's presidential election." - BBC analysis


John Bercow, the former Speaker of the House in the UK, has been described as a "serial bully" and a "liar" in an independent report.

The Independent Expert Panel investigated claims made by three people who used to work for Bercow - who was speaker between 2009 and 2019.

The consequences? As a result, Bercow was banned for life from having a parliamentary pass. He has also been administratively suspended from the Labour Party while they investigate the claims.

His response? Bercow bit back, saying in a piece in The Telegraph it was a "kangaroo court". He also urged people not to "fall for the Establishment spin" that he has been banned for life.

"With the help of a friendly passholder I can always attend debates in the House or go as a member of the public. I have been denied something I do not want." - John Bercow

Prince Andrew has paid his financial settlement to Virginia Giuffre, and thus had the lawsuit against him dismissed, according to court documents.

How much was it? While the exact amount has not been disclosed, Sky News reported it is understood to be "as much as £12 million".

Who is helping him pay for it? That has also not been disclosed. However, The Telegraph published a report on Tuesday suggesting Prince Charles "will lend" his brother "millions" to settle the case. The Sun reported the same, adding Prince Andrew was expected to repay the loan as soon as he sells his ski chalet.


In light of International Women's Day yesterday, CNN published a fascinating piece about Finland.

The country is run by a 36-year-old female prime minister - who leads a coalition of five parties, all run by women, "and almost all aged in their 30s".

"In 1906, Finland, then a duchy of Russia, was the first country to give women full political rights to both vote and run for office. A year later, the 19 women elected to the Finnish parliament were the first female parliamentarians in the world." - context from the CNN opinion piece


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