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NewsFix is the news platform that makes it easy for you to stay informed. By making it a more interesting and positive experience, our members save time staying ahead, with just a quick 'fix' of news delivered each day.

Between our daily newsletter and podcasts, weekly in-depth pieces, and social media presence, we bring the news to you in the most impartial, simplified and easy-to-read way.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - inspire an interest in news, highlight the best journalism out there, and swap clutter for context.

What You’ll Get, For Free!

  • Curated news summaries delivered to you in email and podcast format each day
  • Weekly deep dives, taking an in-depth look at fascinating topics
  • Social media engagement, where you can express your views on certain stories through our Instagram account

The Service We Provide

Impartiality - NewsFix will never tell you what to think about a story.

Research - we go through the most trusted media sources, and summarise the key facts for you.

Accuracy - our synopsis includes the most important data, avoiding sensationalism

How NewsFix Began

NewsFix officially began in November 2020. During the first wave of the pandemic, I could see how overwhelming it felt for people to stay on top of the headlines - particularly for my generation. Publishing a daily 'Coronavirus headlines' post on my personal Instagram page, I quickly recognised the need to change the way people stay informed.

As a producer at CNN International for more than four years, I had the opportunity to work with - and learn from - the very best in the business. During this time, I occasionally found the news difficult to stay on top of - and if a journalist thinks that way, how must others feel!

This passion project is about assisting our generation in getting one step ahead, and inspiring an appreciation for all of the important journalism out there.

I'm proud of what has been achieved at NewsFix with a fantastic team around me, and we hope you'll continue to join us on this exciting journey!


NewsFix Founder & CEO, Hilary McGann