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⏳ Thursday Fix: Take a Chance on Me?

⏳ Thursday Fix: Take a Chance on Me?

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You know the way a week is a long time in politics? Well, yesterday Sweden appointed its first ever female prime minister.

Within seven hours, she resigned.  

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Three men on trial for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery have been found guilty.

Travis McMichael, his father Greg, and their neighbour William Bryan followed Arbery in February 2020 while he was out for a jog. Arbery was ultimately shot and killed, with the trio suggesting - without evidence - Arbery was a suspect in a number of recent break-ins in the area.

What sentence will they receive? That is unclear, and a judge has not yet set a date for sentencing. CNN cited Arbery's aunt as saying she would support "life without parole" for all three men.

Let's talk race: Arbery was a 25-year-old Black man, while the three convicted were all white. The prosecution consistently argued race was a factor in this case. Another aspect of this case that sparked conversations about race was the fact that the 12-person jury included 11 white people.

Bigger picture: Like in the case of George Floyd, the video of Arbery's killing is what really sparked national outrage, ultimately strengthening the prosecution's case. Ironically, the case received little attention until a video of the incident was leaked. That video was actually filmed by William Bryan, one of the men found guilty yesterday.

Below is a really helpful look back at some of the key moments of the trial.

Approximately 27 people drowned yesterday while trying to cross the Channel between France and the UK.

The deaths include a pregnant woman and a young child, and has been described as "the worst migrant tragedy" recorded. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was "shocked, appalled and deeply saddened" by the tragedy. Johnson also called on French partners to "step up" and "work together".

According to BBC News, Johnson and President Macron held a call last night and committed to increasing efforts to prevent people making that journey.

It is unclear what exactly caused the boat to sink, but France's Interior Minister described the vessel as "extremely fragile".

Covering the coverage: While some UK media are leading with headlines asking how France didn't stop this from happening, France 24's top headline on this says; "Macron urges British PM not to politicise deadly migrant boat tragedy in Channel".

"It also shows how vital it is that we now step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who are sending people to sea in this way." - Prime Minister Johnson

French footballer Karim Benzema was found guilty yesterday in a blackmail trial involving the sex tape of a former teammate of his.

Benzema was given a one-year suspended sentence, and fined €75,000.

The story relates to 2015, when then teammate Mathieu Valbuena was being blackmailed and told if he didn't pay money a sex tape of his would be leaked.  

Here is a fascinating account of what happened.


Sweden elected its first ever female prime minister yesterday, but before any celebrations could begin... she resigned, within just seven hours.

What happened? Magdalena Andersson's political party were in a coalition government with the Green party. Hours after Andersson's appointment, the Greens pulled out of the coalition over budget issues, and the government collapsed.

Helpful context: As The Financial Times noted, for more than a century Swedish politics has been dominated by the Social Democrats. However, in recent years the country's anti-immigration  Sweden Democrats have risen in popularity and shifted dynamics.

Germany's left-leaning Olaf Scholz will step into the shoes of Angela Merkel, as a coalition deal has finally been reached two months after the election.

As The Times noted, it paves the way for "some of the most socially liberal policies the country has seen in decades".

What else do you need to know? He is not expected to be sworn in until next month, and this new government marks the first three-party coalition in the country in around 70 years.

This article provides some fantastic background on Scholz.



Not the news you expected to hear today, but a Michael Jackson impersonator in the US has been charged over his role in the January 6 insurrection.

According to The Times, James Beeks wore a top saying 'Bad' on the day the Capitol was breached.


One year since the death of football legend, Diego Maradona.


Thanksgiving, one of the most important annual holidays in the US.

Did you know? The first thanksgiving festival is believed to have occurred back in 1621, giving thanks for a good harvest in Massachusetts. It wasn't until 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln decided the day would be celebrated each year on the last Thursday in November, something that carries on to this day.


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