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⏳ NewsFix: Closing a Wonderful Chapter

Morning all,

For a year and a half now I have spent each morning searching through the news to see what is going on in every corner of the world.

Today, the news I’m bringing to you hits a lot closer to home.

Our NewsFix journey will be coming to an end this week, with our final edition to be released this Friday, April 29.

While the end of a chapter inevitably brings a range of feelings and mixed emotions, I look back on this journey with immense pride at what we built, and unbelievable gratitude for the continuous support we received from all of you.

What are the reasons to call it a day? Quite honestly, a mix of things. Firstly, this has been my baby. Something I’ve put everything into, to a point that it became unsustainable from a health perspective.

Secondly, while we had some interesting conversations about potential partnerships, we didn’t quite gain the momentum we had hoped for to really make sense of the numbers. Inspiring an interest in news and current affairs was never going to be an easy task, but let’s look at some of the numbers that make our NewsFix team so proud.

Since relaunching in October 2021, NewsFix has;

  • Been read more than 175,000 times across 133 countries
  • Achieved an open rate above 50% every single day this year
  • Published more than 40 in-depth pieces of research
  • Been downloaded more than 16,000 times on Spotify
  • Generated more than 10,500 Instagram followers
  • Delivered nearly 400 daily newsletters, without ever missing a weekday edition

In terms of what is next for me personally, I’m quite excited at the thought of that not being fully figured out at this point - who knows what opportunities might lie ahead.

This all began because of a passion I have for learning about the crossover between the news, current affairs, geopolitics, culture and history etc. None of that has changed, and after a little break I’m sure I will be back doing what I love in some capacity.

I will also always be available to research the best articles etc if there’s a particular story you are interested in - you can always reach me on hilarymcgann1@gmail.com .

For now, my immediate priority is to thank our amazing investors - many of whom are dear friends and family - who gave us the opportunity to give this our best shot, and have supported me tremendously.

Lastly to Layla, Belle, Tom, Rose, Sara and Dan, thank you for being such fantastic colleagues in recent months, and undoubted friends long into the future! This has been one of the most amazing chapters and experiences in my life, and I am so grateful to have had you by my side throughout the journey.

Thanks again and until tomorrow,