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⏳ Friday Fix: On Trial

⏳ Friday Fix: On Trial

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Justice is the word of the day, as many face trial and consequences - Robert Durst in a Los Angeles court, Gerard Hutch in the Special Criminal Court, and Lebanese lawmakers in the court of public opinion.

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A police commissioner resigned after being accused of victim blaming in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard.

What did he say? Philip Allott, who oversaw North Yorkshire police, had said that “women need to be streetwise” and should “ learn a bit about the legal process”. The remarks were made in an interview following the sentencing of Everard’s killer earlier this month.


Former US President, Bill Clinton, was hospitalised on Tuesday with a blood infection. Worth noting: While the 75-year-old was in intensive care, CNN noted that was for privacy reasons rather than an urgent health need.

He is said to be on the mend.


In Ireland, Gerard Hutch is expected to appear before the Special Criminal Court again today, weeks after he was extradited back from Spain and charged with the 2016 murder of David Byrne.

Hutch - who is considered a senior figure in organised crime in Ireland - is accused of being behind the 2016 murder at the Regency Hotel. The murder was an escalation of the Hutch/Kinahan fued. It took place during a boxing weigh-in, and shocked the country for the bold manner in which it was carried out in broad daylight.

Hutch is set to stand trial for this in October next year.


In Beirut on Thursday, at least six people were killed in what Al Jazeera described as the "worst street violence in over a decade".

What happened? A group of supporters of Hezbollah - the Iran-backed Shia group - were protesting against a judge at the centre of an investigation into the port explosion. The protestors yesterday accused a right-wing Christian party of opening fire on them, but that group has not claimed responsibility.

Okay, let's take it back... In August 2020, a huge explosion devastated Lebanon's capital, a city already struggling with the impact of the pandemic on top of a crippling economy. The blast was caused by a massive stockpile of ammonium nitrate, and people are seeking justice because of the irresponsible way it was stored, which led to the death of more than 200 people.

Back to what's happening at the moment: The judge at the centre of the protests has for months been trying to interview former ministers about the blast, but has repeatedly been blocked and accused of political bias. As CNN noted, this week he issued a number of arrest warrants against politicians, including a former finance minister. The protestors yesterday accuse the judge of political bias, and want him removed.

*The link below (click on the picture) is the most comprehensive report we've seen so far on what happened yesterday, and the build up of tensions that led to the violence.


American millionaire Robert Durst has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder in 2000 of his best friend, Susan Berman.

This case, and Durst himself, have been the subject of much fascination in recent years - particularly since the release of a 2015 documentary, 'The Jinx'.

What's so interesting about this case? Well, it is widely suspected that Durst - a man from one of the wealthiest families in New York - murdered Berman to stop her from telling police Durst murdered his first wife in 1982.

He is also accused of murdering - and brutally dismembering - a neighbour in Texas, who allegedly discovered Durst's identity while hiding from police.

Not only does the documentary below make for a fascinating watch, it also proved a significant piece of evidence in the trial. Following an interview, Durst went to the bathroom while still wearing a microphone. He was heard saying to himself "what the hell did I do? ... killed them all, of course".


The famous shredded Banksy art piece has just sold for £16m, years after it originally hit the headlines.

Back in 2018, the artwork sold at auction for £1m. In a viral stunt, just as the sale was confirmed, the artwork began to shred. Banksy - a mysterious figure - is known for using art to make political statements that go viral.



It's a BIG day in music! Adele's new single, Easy on Me, has been released. In the first five hours it had 9.7 million listens. It's also a big day for Coldplay, who release a new album.

What do we think of it? What do you think we think of it 😍

Did you know? Fans of Adele guessed the full album would be released on November 19 - when they saw that Taylor Swift had pushed her album release date forward by a week to avoid a clash.