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⏳ Wednesday Fix: Does That Settle That, Then?

⏳ Wednesday Fix: Does That Settle That, Then?

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Prince Andrew settles out of court to avoid trial, and Russia claims they are pulling back troops from the borders with Ukraine.

Neither story appearing anywhere close to being over.

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As you'll likely know by now, Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre have reached a settlement out of court. The cost of the financial settlement has not been disclosed.

What do we not know? How much it cost, whether Virginia Giuffre might personally receive some of the settlement, and how exactly it is being paid. Analysis from The Guardian said the settlement "raises questions but answers none".

What are reports saying? Well, it is not confirmed but Channel 4 News and The Times cited "reports" suggesting it was £10 million. The Daily Mail noted it was "said to be worth £7.5 million", and Independent.ie reported "more than £12m". None of them mentioned where exactly they sourced their information from.

And how does the media think it will be paid? The Times suggests the sale of Prince Andrew's Swiss ski chalet "is likely to finance" the settlement.

Remember: If Giuffre's non-profit charity is based in the US the amount of money it receives will have to be disclosed, so that figure might come out in the future.

Worth noting: Many reporters pointed to the fact the statement references Giuffre having suffered "abuse", but it doesn't say sexual abuse, and it doesn't specify by who. It should also be mentioned that legal expert Gloria Allred said "most" civil lawsuits are settled out of court.


Last week, US intelligence alleged today could be the day Russia attempt an invasion of Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Russia suggested they were pulling troops back from the border - but Western countries say they've seen no evidence of that yet. In a statement, President Biden said there were now approximately 150,000 Ukrainian troops near Ukraine's borders.

News also emerged of a cyber attack on Ukraine's Defence Ministry and two banks.

In response to the multiple media reports focusing on today, Ukraine's President Zelensky decided today would be a 'Day of Unity' across the country - where he encouraged people to wave flags, and sing the national anthem at 10am.

Russia's ambassador to Ireland has been quoted as saying the military exercises by Ukraine's border will conclude by the end of the week, but let's see.

What's new? On Tuesday, President Putin described the situation in Donbass - in the east of Ukraine - as a "genocide". Insider described it as a "baseless" claim. That region has seen fighting between Russian-backed rebels and Ukrainian fighters since 2014. While there are still many unknowns, Sky News reported the genocide claim "could then be used as a pretext for a Russian invasion of the country".

Worth noting: There is a vague Russian law that gives a commitment to help ethnic Russians in neighbouring countries. Out of Ukraine's population of 44 million, roughly eight million are considered ethnic Russians.

Meanwhile, Defence chiefs from NATO member countries are expected to meet in Brussels today to discuss the ongoing situation.


A few weeks ago, CNN employees were stunned to receive an email from its president, Jeff Zucker, saying he was resigning from his position.  

The sudden departure came after news of a consensual relationship with the network's chief marketing officer - Allison Gollust - came to light during an investigation into the firing of anchor Chris Cuomo.

What's new? Gollust has also now left the network, and released a blistering statement about CNN's parent company, Warner Media. On Tuesday, the chief executive at Warner Media said an internal investigation "found violations of company policies" by Gollust.

“WarnerMedia’s statement tonight is an attempt to retaliate against me and change the media narrative in the wake of their disastrous handling of the last two weeks. It is deeply disappointing that after spending the past nine years defending and upholding CNN’s highest standards of journalistic integrity, I would be treated this way as I leave.” - Allison Gollust

If you have a subscription to The New York Times, this article makes for a most fascinating read.


In New Zealand, a new law has passed banning conversion therapy practices for anyone under the age of 18.

What is conversion therapy? It is a practice often carried out by religious groups attempting to "cure" a person of their identity or sexual orientation. The new law means anyone found to be providing the "therapy" could receive a jail sentence of up to three years.

Worth noting: The Guardian reported this was the country's justice select committee highest number of public submissions for a piece of legislation - 107,000.



Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy

Part 1 of a trilogy about Kanye West's rise to fame and success releases on Netflix today. From the trailer 👇🏽 it appears to show the very early stages of his career and the move from Chicago to New York.


80 years since the birth of the late North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il. He was the secretive father of the country's current leader, Kim Jong Un.

Curious to know more about North Korea? Read our recent piece - North Korea: The Mysterious Kim Dynasty.


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