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⏳ Wednesday Fix: Consequence Culture?

⏳ Wednesday Fix: Consequence Culture?

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Mason Greenwood has been further arrested, the Israeli government has been accused of apartheid, Whoopie Goldberg has been suspended, the prime minister of Luxembourg has lost his degree, and the Met have a serious problem to police.

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Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood has been further arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and making threats to kill.

According to multiple media reports, police received an extension to keep him in custody until Wednesday.

Remember: Social media accusations of domestic violence against Greenwood were circulated on Saturday, with the posts taken down hours later. On Sunday, Greenwood was arrested by police on suspicion of rape and sexual assault. Manchester United said the player - who has also represented England - was effectively suspended from playing or training for the foreseeable future.

Worth noting: The player has been removed from FIFA products, and Nike has suspended their sponsorship of him.

An Amnesty International report concluded the Israeli government's treatment of the Palestinian people amounted to apartheid.

The Israeli government responded before the report's publication, saying it was "false, biased and antisemitic".

The report was based on four years worth of research. Last year, both Human Rights Watch and Israeli human rights group B'Tselem concluded the Palestinians were living in an apartheid state.

Here is a link to the summary and full report.

Whoopie Goldberg has been suspended for two weeks - effective immediately - from her role as a panellist on The View, for comments she made Monday about the Holocaust not being about race.

Remember: Goldberg said the Holocaust was about "man's inhumanity to man" and involved "two groups of white people". The comments were widely condemned online, with many pointing to the fact six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust because the Nazi regime viewed them as an inferior race.  

Goldberg appeared on the programme Tuesday and apologised, but the network later announced her suspension.

"In many past interviews, Ms. Goldberg, 66, has said that while she does not practice any religion she identifies as Jewish and adopted her distinctive stage name partly because of that family heritage. She was born Caryn Johnson." - Context from The New York Times

Here is a very helpful article about this story.

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg announced he was giving up a Master's degree he earned in 1999, following accusations of plagiarism.

What's this all about? A report back in October claimed more than 75% of Bettel's thesis was taken from non-cited sources. While he did not admit to any plagiarism, his statement did say it was not his intention to "mislead anyone at the time".


In a damning report, Metropolitan Police officers were found to have shared messages and jokes about "raping women, as well as the deaths of black babies and the Holocaust".

Some examples of the offensive messages that were uncovered;

  • An officer advocated violence: “Getting a woman into bed is like spreading butter. It can be done with a bit of effort using a credit card, but it’s quicker and easier just to use a knife.”
  • One male officer wrote to a female officer: “I would happily rape you … if I was single … if I was single I would happily chloroform you.”
  • Police officers wrote about attending a festival dressed as known sex offenders and a molested child.

While the allegations centred around a number of officers previously based at Charring Cross station, those who conducted the report said "“these
incidents are not isolated or simply the behaviour of a few bad apples”.


In the US, swimming's governing body has announced an update to its policies in relation to transgender athletes.

What's the update? A medical panel of three will now decide whether "prior physical development of the athlete as a male" gives an unfair advantage, and testosterone tests will take place for 36 months before competitions.

What is this all about? The debate at the moment is pretty much centred around one trans woman, Lia Thomas, who transitioned in 2019. She divided opinion on the matter by winning a race in December and finishing 38 seconds ahead of the second-place competitor. This week, her teammates published a letter in support of her.

Worth noting: BBC News cited USA Swimming data on the "competitive difference" between male and female swimmers. For example, "the top-ranked female athlete in 2021 would on average be ranked below 536th on male events that year".

#HaveYourSay: We recently did a poll about this on our Instagram account;

  • 75% of you do not think it is discriminatory to exclude an athlete from a single-sex sport because they are trans
  • 56% feel the rules should be decided on a sport-by-sport basis
  • 46% think a decision should take into account when an athlete transitioned


  • Denmark - a country with a vaccination rate of 82% - has become the first EU member to scrap all Covid-19 restrictions, despite a rise in Omicron cases.
  • In Canada, the premier of Quebec has scrapped plans for a tax on people who refuse to get the vaccine, saying he didn't want to further divide people. According to CNN, more than 90% of its adult population is vaccinated, and most of the patients in hospital have not received the vaccine.



One year since Russia's most prominent opposition figure, Alexey Navalny, was sentenced to more than two years in prison.

Why? Authorities said he repeatedly violated his parole, "by failing to report properly to the authorities in person".

Why did he fail to do that? Because for most of that time he was in Germany, recovering from being poisoned in August 2020. The German government said there was "unequivocal evidence" Navalny was poisoned with the chemical nerve agent, Novichok.

Want to know more about this? Read our piece from last year - Alexey Navalny: Politics, Protests and Putin.


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