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⏳ Wednesday Fix: Party Ain't Over

⏳ Wednesday Fix: Party Ain't Over

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A concerning incident in New York, an accusation of genocide in Ukraine, and fines for breaching the coronavirus restrictions they imposed in the UK.

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At least 20 people were injured in a shooting during rush hour in New York on Tuesday. The incident took place at a 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn.

Source: The Guardian

Based on multiple media reports, our understanding is that ten people were shot when at least 33 shots were fired, but two smoke grenades were also detonated.

The New York Police Department have named Frank R James, a 62-year-old man as a person of interest they are looking for. According to BBC News, a key to a vehicle he was renting was located at the scene.

All of those injured are expected to survive.


President Biden said Russia is committing acts of genocide in Ukraine.

“Yes, I called it genocide because it has become clearer and clearer that Putin is just trying to wipe out the idea of being able to be Ukrainian and the evidence is mounting." - President Biden

Worth noting: the word genocide is a combination of the greek word 'genos' meaning race, and the latin word 'cide', meaning killing.

President Putin also spoke on Tuesday, saying the war was "unavoidable", adding "we had no other choice".

Below is a really helpful look from Al Jazeera at just how much of Ukraine is now under Russian control.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak will be fined by the police over lockdown parties. Johnson’s wife, Carrie Johnson, will also be fined, according to BBC News.

The Metropolitan Police have been investigating 12 gatherings that took place in Downing Street and White Hall for breaching coronavirus restrictions. So far, more than 50 fines have been handed out - and more are expected.

Worth noting: A spokesperson from Downing Street said that the fine is related to an incident in the Cabinet room on June 19, 2020 between 14:00 and 15:00. This is the same date as Boris Johnson’s birthday.

Back in January, ITV News reported that his wife - Carrie Johnson - had organised a surprise get-together for him on the afternoon of 19 June just after 2pm.

The public reaction: according to a YouGov poll, a majority - 57% - want both Johnson and Sunak to resign over this. They have already stated they do not intend to do so.


Shanghai has eased a two-week lockdown to allow some residents out of their homes.

In the city of 25 million people, “appropriate activity” will be allowed in some neighbourhoods where there have been no positive cases recorded for a minimum of two weeks.

The announcement came after videos emerged of residents in Shanghai screaming from high rise apartments after seven days of lockdown.

While former British Health Secretary Matt Hancock didn't directly mention Shanghai, he did tweet his concerns about countries continuing to adopt a zero Covid strategy.

Also, China has accused the US of "weaponising" the lockdown, after they instructed non-emergency staff in Shanghai to leave the city.

Where is Shanghai? The red pin drop below shows where Shanghai is, and it has been described as China's largest city and a "global financial hub".



A new Netflix documentary about discrimination in Abercrombie & Fitch looks to be really fascinating.

"If they didn't look a certain way, they didn't belong in our clothing."

Below is a link to the trailer, and it releases on April 19.


Careful out there.