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⏳ Monday Fix: A Frosty Morning

⏳ Monday Fix: A Frosty Morning

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A cold shoulder for Boris, as Lord Frost resigns, citing "concerns about the current direction of travel" of the government - will there be a thawing in Johnson's troubles, or could a snowball effect be underway?

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Source: David Frost's Twitter account 

Lord Frost - the UK's chief Brexit negotiator - resigned from the government on Saturday.

What was his major concern? Covid measures being reintroduced, and the general "direction of travel" of the government. The Financial Times reported a possible disagreement between Johnson and Frost, with Johnson allegedly no longer seeking "the immediate axing" of the European Court of Justice "from its role in enforcing the Northern Ireland protocol". The Irish Times said the resignation introduces a "dangerous uncertainty" in Brexit negotiations.

What now? Well, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss - who was a 'remainer' ahead of the 2016 referendum - will now take over as the UK's lead Brexit negotiator. Truss has only been in the position of Foreign Secretary since September, taking over from Dominic Raab.

Bigger picture: Given it has been quite a damaging few weeks for the prime minister, some see Truss as a possible replacement. As one Tory MP joked, this new responsibility "keep her busy and out of the country as much as possible".

Speaking of 'picture': The Guardian published this photo from May 2020 over the weekend, showing Boris and Carrie Johnson and a number of aides outside drinking wine. According to widespread reports, at the time people were being urged to stay two metres apart, even outdoors, and stay at home as much as possible.

Source: The Guardian


When asked on our Instagram, 66% of you said you do not think Boris Johnson will still be prime minister by NYE.



  • A number of real-life Quidditch teams have expressed their intention to change the name of the sport, in an effort to "distance" themselves from Harry Potter author, JK Rowling. Why? The statement cites Rowling's "anti-trans positions in recent years," as well as a desire to lift constraints on sponsorship and broadcast deals. At the moment, the name 'Quidditch' is trademarked by Warner Bros.


  • Jury deliberations in the trial of Elizabeth Holmes are set to begin today after a three-month trial. Remember: Holmes is facing charges of purposely manipulating investors and customers, telling them her finger-prick blood testing technology really worked. The company, Theranos - which was once valued at $9 billion - begun to unravel in 2015 following a series of explosive articles in The Wall Street Journal.  
  • Closing arguments in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell could begin today. Maxwell told the judge on Friday she was not going to testify in her own case. The trial has progressed a lot more quickly than expected. We'll keep a close eye for any significant developments. Click the photo below for a helpful explainer.



Sunday marked the last Andrew Marr show on the BBC, while this week marks the last few days of John Snow presenting Channel 4 News.

Two familiar faces, two excellent interviewers, too much respect! While I'm sure there'll be a video compilation of Snow's highlights in the coming days, he has recorded an audio look back at the top moments in his career - available here.


The random facts you haven't asked for  - coming to you over Christmas.



Political activist Piers Corbyn, and the brother of former Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been arrested after a video of him calling for violence against MPs circulated. The comments were widely condemned, and came weeks after the murder of Conservative MP, Sir David Amess.

"We've got to hammer to death those scum, those scum who have decided to go ahead with introducing new fascism... If your MP is one of them, go to their offices, and, well, I'd recommend burning them down." - Piers Corbyn

Also trending? This lovely thread, looking back over some key, viral, heartwarming and funny moments over the year. Worth a look through.


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