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⏳ Friday Fix: The Eve

⏳ Friday Fix: The Eve

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It's Christmas Eve, babe.

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President Biden has signed into law a ban on importing goods from China's Xinjiang region, over concerns of forced labour for the Uyghur people.

Remember: The US has already described what is happening to Uyghurs - a predominantly Muslim ethnic minority - in China as "genocide". According to CNN, China's Embassy spokesperson in the US said the legislation amounts to "a gross interference in China's internal affairs".

Want to know more about the Uyghurs? Here is our piece from earlier this year; China and the Uyghurs. We also have a highlight on our Instagram page looking at the connection between the fashion industry and the forced labour in Xinjiang - where 85% of China's cotton is based.

US police officer Kim Potter was found guilty of the manslaughter of Daunte Wright in the first and second degree. According to NBC News, she has been denied bail and remanded in custody.

Remember: Potter encountered Wright during a traffic stop in Minneapolis in April. She discharged a handgun and fatally shot Wright, but has always maintained she had mistakenly done so - and was supposed to have discharged her taser. Both the defence and prosecution accepted that mistake.

Worth noting: The shooting of Wright led to days of protests, and occurred just a few miles from where Derek Chauvin was standing trial for the murder of George Floyd the year before.

Princess Charlene of Monaco is "a few more months" away from making a full recovery, according to a palace statement.

Background: Charlene has spent much of the last year in her native South Africa, recovering from several health issues. In November, she returned to Monaco and was photographed alongside her husband Prince Albert and their seven-year-old twins. Days later, it was revealed she was receiving treatment at an unknown location - with Albert telling People magazine she was "clearly exhausted, physically and emotionally".

Not familiar with these royals? Princess Charlene is married to Prince Albert, the son of Prince Rainier III and American movie start, Grace Kelly. The couple have been married for more than ten years but have always been dogged by rumours of an unhappy relationship. In the days before their wedding there were even reports Charlene tried to flee the principality. Speculation at the time alleged she had learned about an affair.

South Korea's disgraced former president, Park Geun-hye, is to be pardoned by the country's current president.

Park is currently serving a 22-year sentence for a deeply damaging corruption scandal, where she was found to have colluded with a friend to take millions from companies and influence policy.

Why would she be pardoned? Al Jazeera cited an aim of "promoting national unity in the face of difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic". The country has a presidential election in March. The current president, Moon Jae-in, cannot run again due to term limits.

A fourth woman has accused actor Chris Noth of sexual assault.

Singer-songwriter Lisa Gentile said in 2002 Noth asked to see her apartment and then aggressively groped her. She alleges that when she pushed him away "he became extremely angry and started screaming and calling me a tease and a bitch".

Gentile also claims the next day she received a call from Noth, warning her not to tell anyone about what had happened or her would ruin his career. It does not appear that Noth has directly responded to this latest claim, but he has described previous allegations as "categorically false".

Click the photo below if you want to know what exactly he was accused of by the first two women who spoke out.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released the first public image of their daughter, Lilibet, who was born in June.


Jon Snow presented Channel 4 News last night for the last time, after 32 years as the main anchor, known for his colourful ties and poetic intros.

Below is a lovely tribute looking back over an extraordinary career.  


It is an annual tradition for many in the UK, to sit and listen to the Queen's message on Christmas Day.

This year's pre-recorded message is said to be "particularly personal," following the death of Prince Philip, her husband of 73 years, in April.

Did you know? The first time a monarch delivered a public Christmas message was in 1932, when King George V gave a live radio speech. According to BBC News, the time for these broadcasts was set at 3pm, "as the best for reaching the most countries in different time zones".



Why not swap one Christmas movie - you know, the one you could recite in your sleep - for a documentary over the holidays?

Well, if you're interested, we've got you covered! We've compiled a list of some our top picks - broken down into nine categories from US politics to sport, The Middle East, wildlife, and even some true crime.

Click the photo below and see the full list on our Instagram page.


'Tis the season. 🎄