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⏳ Friday Fix: Justice Jackson

⏳ Friday Fix: Justice Jackson

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Highly consequential votes seem to be happening everywhere - a confirmation for Judge Jackson, a suspension for Russia, a predicted lack of confidence for Imran Khan, and a battle for re-election for Macron.

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For the first time in US history, a Black woman will be a justice on the Supreme Court - the "highest court in the land".

Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed by the Senate for the historic position in a 53 to 47 vote on Thursday - with three Republicans voting for her. As CNN noted, she will be the country's 116th judge on the Supreme Court, and the sixth woman.

Worth noting: While a lot of the coverage covers the historic nature of her being the first Black woman, it is also important to focus on how extraordinarily experienced she is.

What does this mean for the Supreme Court? Jackson will not take her place on the court until after another justice, Stephen Breyer, retires this summer. Both Breyer and Jackson are considered liberal/left-leaning judges. As a result, the current 6-3 conservative majority on the court will not change.  

Looking ahead: President Biden, VP Kamala Harris and Jackson will make public remarks from the White House today at 12:15pm ET, 5:15pm UK/Irish time.


Below is a look at some of the latest headlines surrounding the war in Ukraine;

  • Russian forces have now "fully withdrawn" from northern Ukraine, according to the UK's Ministry of Defence. Some of those troops are expected to relocate to the east of the country.
  • The Kremlin has acknowledged there have been "significant" losses of Russian troops, with Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying it's a "huge tragedy for us".
  • Russia has been suspended from the UN human rights council, in a 93 to 24 vote with 58 abstentions.
  • Two Irish diplomats based in Moscow have been asked to leave Russia, a week after Ireland expelled four Russian diplomats.
  • A video that was widely circulated appears to show a captive Russian soldier being shot dead by Ukrainian troops. Ukraine's Foreign Minister said the circumstances would "definitely be investigated".

Keeping an eye: Following the widespread condemnation and horror expressed at the civilian deaths in Bucha, President Zelensky has warned of "much worse" atrocities in the town of Borodyanka - 25km from Bucha.

The president said scenes were "significantly more dreadful" in Borodyanka, a town north west of Kyiv. According to multiple reports, officials say more than 300 civilians have been killed - roughly 50 of them executed.


Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan will face a vote of no confidence on Saturday.

What's the background here? the vote was originally supposed to go ahead last weekend, and many reports suggested Khan was expected to lose. The Times noted he was "thought to be at least 30 votes short" of the majority needed to survive, following a wave of defections. However, he dissolved parliament ahead of the vote. The country's Supreme Court ruled that move was unconstitutional, and demanded the vote go ahead this weekend.

Who is Imran Khan? As The Guardian noted, he is a "former playboy cricketer turned conservative Islamic politician". He was elected back in 2018. He used to be married to Jemima Goldsmith.


A new report suggests as many as 250,000 miscarriages occur in the UK each year, the vast majority of them being in the first three months of pregnancy.

A leading researcher has warned that "tens of thousands" of women may be experiencing symptoms of PTSD as a result of this experience.


The first round of voting in the French presidential election takes place this weekend.

Once again, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are facing each other in a tightly fought race. A poll cited by The Guardian put Macron at 51.5% and Le Pen closely behind, on 48.5%.

Remember: No French president has won re-election in 20 years.



One year since the death of Prince Philip, who died less than three months before his 100th birthday.


We're all guilty of this. All. Of. Us.